About Us

Mission Statement: Greystones Family Resource Centre (GFRC) will encourage growth and development for families and the community through principles of social justice and inclusion. GFRC will support the community in making choices that bring about positive changes in people’s lives.

History: Greystones Family Resource Centre works with individuals, families and groups in the wider Greystones area to provide community development programmes and family support services. Greystones FRC was originally established in 2002 by members of the local community in response to the needs of marginalised members of the community, in particular, youth and the elderly. To date, Greystones FRC remains the only project providing family support services and community development programmes to the wider Greystones area.

Greystones FRC is managed by a Voluntary Board of Management, recruited from the local community. A Project Co-ordinator was employed in 2006, followed by a part-time Community Development Worker in May 2008 and a part-time Administrator in November 2008. The FRC worked in a small office for its first few years, before transferring to a small local authority cottage in one of our target housing estates in March 2009.

Greystones FRC adopts an ethos of equality and social justice, encouraging the participation of all groups in the community and promoting community leadership. We work at grassroots level, with the community, and respond to their needs. We achieve this by working from a family centered, community development approach and within an anti-poverty and social inclusion framework.

Please call us at 012557528 or email us at ask@greystonesfrc.ie

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